“DARYN” the meaning of this word is "A BIRD WHO SPREAD EDUCATION DISTINCTLY”.

From Desk Of Smt.BIBI Sahiba Quadri

Haji Mohammed Hussain Quadri's dream was to uplift the minorities during his life time he was busy in his social well being activities which has help maximum minority people to come up from their problems.

As he was Municipal corporation president his aim during his job work was to bring all the religion in to the same platform he was equal to all for his appreciative work and for the poor people problems he has discussed and has a friendship relation and meetings with sri Jawhar lal Nehru,Smt. Indra Gandhi , Gen. kariyappa ,Sri Abukalam Azad, Sri B.D.Jatti.

So to make his dream come true I have established the trust in the name Haji Mohammed Hussain Quadri Educational and Charitable trust to run educational institution for the upliftment of the minorities.

The sole motto of Haji Mohammed Hussain Quadri Educational & Charitable Trust (HMHQ E&C) is to spread the education among all the minorities as enery boudy know's that minorities is always a sufferer in each field it is due lack of education,The main goal of HMHQ E&C trust's is to fulfill all the demands which are needed in the field of education for all the minorities.

Lets make the dream come true as now our trust is proudly enough to announce a good news to all the minorities people that we are establishing a women B. Ed college of education in the heart of your city. As you all know that our trust runs several group of other institution by the name DARYN. So here comes to you another institution by the same name but with more advance education